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Bülent Savaş

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After graduating from METU Mechanical Engineering Department in 1979, Bülent Savaş completed his master degree in Business Administration. He continued his professional life as manager in Hand Tools sector for many years. Bülent Savaş, who founded his own company in 2015, still continues to represent some leading German hand tool companies in Turkey.
Bülent Savaş, on the other hand, continues with pleasure and passion to make new songs in Turkish Classical Music. He wishes to compose hundreds of compositions in dozens of modes (makams) of Turkish Classical Music. He currently has more than 40 compositions in various modes (makams). One of his songs, GELMEDİN (Rep. No. 22123) was approved and accepted by the TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) Music Department and added into the TRT Turkish Classical Music Repertoire.

“No words, no shape can express the depths of the heart as well as music”
Friedrich VISCHER - (1807-1887)

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