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Atatürk Wants to Listen to the Music Given to the King of Jordan

- It's been five or six months. Again, the late governor Üstündağ, this time a little hesitantly:

- Yahu.. You made a musical chapter for the Emir of Jordan, what did you do for God's sake? he asked.

"By God, we didn't do anything bad, sir," I replied.

- No, it's not a bad thing, you did a very good thing, that's why ATATÜRK wants to listen to the same delegation and the same works in person.

Missing breach, we gathered that evening and went to Dolmabahçe Palace. ATATURK said:

- I always receive letters from the Emir of Jordan, and he thanks me with the music he listens to from you insistently in every letter. I thank you too. But I wondered, what did you do that left such a strong impression on him. I would like to listen to the same program.


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