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Ataturk's Travel to Istanbul

"Every summer, in the Çankaya Mansion, a trip to Istanbul was heard from ear to ear, but after a few days the trip would change direction either to Izmir or to Konya. Our dreams of Istanbul would also fly away as a mirage.

In the summer of that year (1927), the rumor of this trip to Istanbul appeared again. A few days later, the order to prepare for the delegation came. A battalion is also being prepared from the guard regiment. However, we are still in doubt. Because it is possible for the train to change direction from Eskişehir.

Finally, we are on the way to Istanbul. We will reach Istanbul, which we have longed for for a long time, especially the sea.

Everyone is smiling on the train...

After Prendik, we pass through beautiful mansions.

ATATÜRK's future has been heard, applause is rising from all the mansions. We are flying with joy. Some friends formed a small band, playing marches.

Istanbul welcomes its great savior with great joy.

The Ertuğrul yacht, which brought ATA from Derince, returned to the Maiden's Tower, hundreds of thousands of Istanbulites filling the coast of Sarayburnu, Üsküdar Fındıklı, Beşiktaş: Long live!! exist!! They show their joy with their shouts. People shudder.

ATATÜRK descended from the yacht to the palace. The excitement waned a little. Friends dispersed to their homes in the evening, I am on duty.

It's 21 at night. Telephone... Seryaver Rusuhi brain voice:

- Quick fasil team calls to the palace with its full staff.

I said, "Sir, the friends have gone home.

Seryaver, a tough soldier, raged at this news and broke the apocalypse. He gave the order and hung up the phone.

Hafız Yaşar is in Aksaray, Zühtü Bardakoğlu is in Teşvikiye, Abdülhâlik is in Eyüpsultan, and other friends are in different districts.

Desperately, I grabbed the phone and asked the police stations around them to ensure that these friends came to the palace quickly. Half an hour had passed when the seryaver roared again:

- Anybody should come immediately.

There is no one else around but me. What I got under my seat, I took the road to the palace.

The roads leading to the palace are jam-packed. I was able to reach the garden of the palace with difficulty. But the guard's bayonet also flashed before me:

- Yaah...

The guard battalion doesn't fly.

Come on back. A handful of ATA's entourage has been lost in the palace, which had close to 1,000 sequels during the reign of the sultans.

Once I found the kitchen. I told the head chef to take me to the pasha's place. He laughed: "I've been wandering around for half an hour, I found it hard here, I don't go from here to there," he said.

Just then, a waiter came. With his help, I found the squire's office. He looked, Ûdi Şevki Bey has arrived. There is no one else but the two of us. The two of us, helpless, went before ATA. Two friends played a peşrev, there is neither a reader nor any other instrument.

ATA, Mr. Şevki.

“Read a ghazal,” he said.

Şevki has no brain voice, but the clever friend started to play with his oud, which he played very well. Rast makam, one of ATATÜRK's favorite makams. We looked at this beautiful installment he made, wouldn't ATA respond?

"Let's drink, every place has an absolute undying life.

He recited the couplet of Mûhâsîn-i mevecât-ı realm "main gehvâr-ı terennüm" with great joy.

Meanwhile, some of our friends came, we rang until late at night.

"The scene when we entered ATA's presence was as follows. A table for 24 people in the middle of the dining hall. ATATÜRK is sitting at the head of the table. On his right, the late Nuri Conker, on his left, the Şehemini and his deputy Asaf, who later went to Ankara, and his deputy. My other acquaintances are Mustafa Necati, the deputy of education. Bey, Asaf Bey, Şükrü Kaya and some other guests.

Our ATA is preparing their big speeches on these dates. The subject discussed at the table is always about speech. ATATÜRK reads some excerpts from the prepared parts of his speeches and tells about his memories on this subject.

Hours pass in this weather. We sit at our table, eat and drink.

There is one thing I know until then. When there is a saz ensemble in a place, the saz team starts after a short talk, and until the end of the feast, the chapters recite each other in short intervals. However, it was four or five hours when we arrived at the mansion. During this time, we made a short chapter. We sit for over two hours.


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