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Ataturk's Damascus Memories

The time is approaching in the morning, ATA told a case like this:

They are a young staff in Damascus, they have fun until late at night, but they are at their duty on time. One of those who could not pull himself complained to the Müsîre. Upon this denunciation about Mustafa Kemal, whom he knew well and knew his devotion to his duty, the muşîr took the person who made the report with him and came to the study just as the working hour started. He, M. kemal, has just taken over his duty and started his work with great care and attention. He is busy preparing the plans for a very important military operation.

The muhtar turned to the informant next to him and said:

He says, "I wish your person would work like this and be successful, not just have fun at night, or even some days."

This incident reminded me of my father, Dr. It reminded us of an event that Ali Yaver Ataman told us. He just got out of the medical school and was assigned to Damascus. One day, they are having a drink and chatting with their friends in the casino, meanwhile, they are also ranting against the sultan with a loud voice. Meanwhile, a young staff member with the rank of Kolağası (a rank between a captain and a major in the past) comes to their table. These are pretty much the same rank:

- Alas, they say, a sleuth... They keep silent. The young staff approaches them:

- What were you talking about, why did you keep quiet?

- We weren't talking, we were having trouble.

- No, you were talking about something. You were speaking against our sultan, weren't you?

- The young doctors look at each other. The young staff laughs:

- Don't be afraid... Don't be afraid, you say, more than me

They invite the young staff member to their table. The name of this young staff is Mustafa Kemal.

Many years have passed. ATATÜRK came to Kastamonu, which was the first stop of the hat reform. Among the welcomes was Safranbolu division chief Dr. There is also Mr. Ali Yaver.

The great leader gives his speech, while he is resting in the party building, his eyes are on my father.

- I seem to know you from somewhere, sir. And without waiting for an answer:

- I think we met in Damascus... It is an interesting example showing ATATÜRK's memory power.

There is a feverish preparation in Ankara. Evkaf Hotel (Ankara Palas) is getting ready. A frock coat and tuxedo are sewn to the Riyâseticumhur music committee. The king and queen of the friendly and brotherly Afghan nation will visit Ankara.

They handed out the notes of the Afghan national anthem to our fasil team, and we will play the national anthem if necessary. Afghans have a national anthem in the maqam of Huseyni, but which does not comply with our musical rules.

The train has arrived. First the king and then the queen, accompanied by her bridesmaid, got off the train. Great ATATÜRK welcomed his guests. All the people of Ankara filled the station, applause... applause... applause...

The king bowed with great respect and kissed ATA's hand. He introduced the queen and her retinue.

There is a Shir word at the beginning of the names of the persons who constitute the entourage of the king. Like Şîr Ahmet Han, Şîr Mehmet Han. But there is no one like Aslan among them, and most of them are weak naive boys. (Shir means lion in Persian).

On the night of the guests' arrival in Ankara, there is a big feast at the Ankara palace. We are participating in this feast as a chapter committee.

We went to the hotel at the appointed time. A very large table has been set, the places of all the persons included in the protocol have been prepared, the guests come one by one.

They instructed us. When ATATÜRK enters the hall, we will play our national anthem, and when the king comes, we will play the Afghan national anthem.

The time is approaching. Meanwhile, there was a rumor that ATA and King would come together. Alas... we said, since it is not possible to play two anthems at the same time, which one will we play first? We were surprised, we asked a few familiar people, but we could not get a correct answer from anyone. Fortunately, at this time, the late Saffet Ziya, the general manager of the protocol, came and cleared our hesitation.

After a while, our ATA came with İnönü with them. Our national anthem was played, and then the king and queen entered the hall.

The king is wearing a military uniform behind him. The Queen is in a magnificent white toilet with a crown on her head and very precious jewels. Especially in the middle of the crown, a very big diamond shines like a projector as it turns left and right.

The feast continues in a friendly atmosphere. Speeches were said, glasses emptied. I noticed, the king drank only buttermilk and ate very little.

The Presidential Orchestra plays beautiful pieces from time to time. We await our turn. We are busy eating at the table reserved for us. There is salami on the table. The late Hafız Mehmet ate a piece of these greetings. One of our friends, the sound artist Abdülhalik, who is known for his prank, leaned over to his ear when he saw that Hafız was eating salami. When he said, "This was the pork sausage you ate," Hafız Mehmet's fuss and excitement became the subject of jokes for us for days.


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