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Why did Atatürk say "This music is far from expressing our excitement"?

The year is 1928. It is August. I remember well. One of the Istanbul charities (either the Child Protection Agency or the Airplane Society, I don't remember for sure) organized a big entertainment (entertainment) in the park casino in Sarayburnu. A good orchestra and one of the famous muganniyes of Egypt (perhaps specially invited) Müniret-ül Mehdiye, who was in our hometown at that time, are there with the saz team.

ATATÜRK, who honored the performance, was welcomed to a place close to the stage, and they took their places by giving greetings with his lovely smiles against the enthusiastic applause and shouts of life.

Orchestra ATATÜRK's favorite pieces, meanwhile, arias from Toska opera are played and filmed.

Arab singer on stage with his friends. He sings Arabic songs. ATATÜRK also enjoys Arabic music, which he listened to while he was in Damascus.

The Arab singer reads to ATATÜRK, as a cemile, a piece that he prepared beforehand, mentioning ATATÜRK and praising him. The public applauds ATATÜRK, who is mentioned in the song, wildly.

After the Arab singer, a team that doesn't match, no one's jackets, other trousers, some of them without a tie, appears on the empty stage. Novice kids, mostly made up of amateurs. They start the Sultaniyegâh chapter. I remember that night too. However, let's hear from Burhanettin Ökte, one of the musicians of the presidential instrument group, who was close to ATATÜRK.

"When the episode started, a cold shower had the effect on us first. The children, who were shocked when they saw ATA, became incapable of holding their feet. They started to make nonsense. It was a big mistake to put such a makeshift team on the stage even though the organizers of the night knew that ATATÜRK would come.

ATATÜRK, who boasted at every opportunity that he was "my nation, my music, my artist", was sad like a commander who saw that a force he most hoped for had passed away at this night, which was organized as a kind of music competition.

They immediately stood up. The fact that ATATÜRK stood up in anger attracted the attention of the people who kept their eyes on him, and everyone fell silent. The children on the stage had also cut their chapters.

ATATÜRK, with anger that will be heard around him:

- Let's go... this music is far from expressing our excitement, he said and left.


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