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Turkish People's Love for Atatürk

The people have heard. Despite the dark, it filled the street. They applaud ATATÜRK wildly.

ATATÜRK summoned Hafız Yaşar, the chief of the instrument group, and ordered us to play and recite the most cheerful pieces.

Everyone is in joy. Close to midnight, the people never leave the mansion. This air creates a sublime landscape.

ATATÜRK went to the balcony with the glass in his hand. Necmettin Bey distributed how much alcohol and beer there was in the house to the people outside.

ATA was drinking with the people he loved very much. He silenced the people by greeting and making a sign with his hand. He said roughly:

- For me, some unfortunate people (malicious ones) are ill, they have spread rumors that they are sick. You see, I stand before you alive and well. Know that I will not die without seeing the full welfare of my nation.

These words excited us all and brought tears to our eyes.

Towards morning, at sunrise, they boarded the yacht among the enthusiastic cheers of the people who still filled the streets. I looked into the eyes of ATA waving his silk handkerchief to the people who greeted him. There were two drops of tears in those teal eyes.


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