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Atatürk's presence for the second time

Once with ATATÜRK, we had the honor of being in the presence of the late Mesut Cemil, one evening at the Çankaya mansion, after many years in Ankara.

At that time, speeches were being made on Hatay, which was the important issue of the day.

We were sitting side by side with the late kemençe artist Kemal Niyazi Seyhun at the end of the long table.

ATATÜRK was asking questions to those at the table and getting answers. One by one, Kemal Niyazi Bey bent over my ear and said something that I could not quite understand.

ATATÜRK must have seen this that a little later, pointing with his finger, he said to Mr. Kemal Niyazi:

- What do you think, sir? he asked.

Kemal Niyazi Bey (deceased) stood up with the habit of having been in ATATÜRK's presence before and the courage given by the drink he had polished a few glasses. In the excitement of preparing something in my head in case I would ask him, he said something that I can't remember what he said now. ATATÜRK will have said appropriate things:

- See, gentlemen, he said, every Turk thinks like this and passed without asking me.

Addressing me a little later:

"Boy," he said, "would you make us a tadpole foot?"

The great ATATÜRK reminded me of the long air that I played in the Dolmabahçe Palace years ago, and showed the power of his vast memory.


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