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Atatürk's Favorite Songs to Listen

Years passed, my hesitation was never erased from my mind.

Fortune has given me a great favor in this field. Tevfik Bey from Thessaloniki, who died while he was in the war academy of our ATA, while he was one of his classmates and when he was a commander, Hayri Bey who died when he was the general transport inspector, and then Süleyman Bey, who died when he was the ambassador of Pırag, again from ATA's class, Köprülü İsmail Hakkı Bey, the cavalry officer. retired colonels Arif Bey and Suat Bey from the next class of ATA and some other young people gather at their convenient times, Tevfik Bey from Thessaloniki passed their pieces to them and Hayri Bey and Suat Bey played the ud and Arif Bey played the ney, and ATATÜRK read in this amateur fasil team.

The late Neyzen Burhanettin Ökte, who conveyed these memories, listed the songs, ghazals and folk songs that ATATÜRK loved and personally sang.

1) I am a martyr, please mention me
Build my tomb with the wreckage of the tavern
Although shahidān-i vega
Wash me and invent a sect

My note:

(This piece is one of the free-measured (dialect) songs sung in divan style. It has a special place in Harput music, it was customary to be played and sung in yaren meetings.)

2) Enough is enough, I've already suffered the pain of this world
If he is blessed with death, if he takes me, if he kills me
I do not demand neither the herd nor an infusion of pleasure.
Even if gamma moments cost me

3) How would Yârâb be less than his glory?
If you had not added zehrab to the Peymane-i body

I would be free from âsîb-ü derd-ü gamdan
What if you didn't come to hell, if I didn't have a mind

From the songs:

In Rast mode:

4) O mest-i nâzım from Nihansin
What do I need in the world without you?
Let's talk, what's the need for sleep
What do I need a life without you in the world?

5) I entered the Hâbgah-ı yâre, my mood of the earth
I saw a miserable state, I forgot my state
My state of love while performing Sakita
I gathered with my lebs, congratulate my family

6) You handan the soul opponent (Nota)
I would like you to enter the fidelity
Making familiarity with memories
You make the world prison for me

7) Fountain-i pu hun is bad for one quart
A genius who can't take it from trouble
If you want to be Âsûde, don't come, cihâne
The square can not be saved from senk-i accident
The one who is lucky will not be hurt in his bond
If dürr-ü güher rains down from the sky instead of baran

From Eviç makam: (Turkish)

8) Wonderful eyes wonderful
There is no excuse for goodwill
If I were Solomon
The heart never rests
If flying birds were kebabs
If the running waters were wine
If taverns were places
The heart never rests

9) I jumped into your garden
Oh my roses are like a cup
You have three moles on your neck
Oh, each one is like a coral
let's hug
Oh, the two of us are like one soul
Let's meet in a secluded place
Oh, be mine or his
Let's chat with you
Oh, be hers, be mine

From the Nihavent office:

10) Is language a pleasure in loving the one who doesn't love you?
Even so, is such a love true?
He shouldn't love those who cheat and don't love by giving his life.
Make up your mind, don't be for everyone
If there is no one aspect, will there be truth in language?

11) The fire of love is still in my chest
My fountain is full of blood with the spirit of enthusiasm
Bîçare is bî tâb-i tuvan with heart trouble
It's always a clown who puts me in this state
Yektây-i zamâm şûh-i cihan is the instrument of life
Âhû nigehin is a life-damaging disaster

ATATÜRK did not like some songs, for example:

The rose of Izmir on the opposite side

For the song that starts with:

"We smelled that rose a lot," he said, revealing the traces of a big heartache on his face. That's what he says, Burhanettin Ökte...

It is also said that ATATÜRK found solace in Turkish music in his most depressed times.


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