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The First and Only Musical Concert Honored by Atatürk

ATATÜRK has shown on various occasions that his angry words in Sarayburnu were misunderstood.

They did not abolish the Presidency chapter committee, on the contrary, they reinforced it.

He took Tanburî İzzettin Ökte, whom he had listened to at Celal Bayar's house one evening, to the delegation, and took Santuri Zühdü Bardakoğlu, who had left the instrument group for a while, to the delegation again.

At every opportunity, they invited and listened to many amateur and professional artists in Ankara and Istanbul. They often listened to artists who are like the stars of Turkish music, such as Münir Nurettin, Safiye Ayla, Müzeyyen Senar and Melek Erdik.

It is said that ATATÜRK's first Turkish music concert, which they honored with their presence, was personally organized by him.

This concert is the concert of Melek Erdik, one of the Ankara radio artists. After ATATÜRK became President, they did not go to any music concerts abroad. They listened and honored the artists they wanted to listen to, by inviting local and foreign artists to their presence, and despite this habit, they ordered Melek Erdik to give a concert in Ankara, they even prepared the program themselves, and they behaved as a courtesy to send the flower bouquets they gave to the artist to the stage with their aides.

Those who know the great ATATÜRK well know well that every action is based on a reason. In many, subtle meanings are perceived.

The obvious reason why ATATÜRK honored Melek Erdik's concert was nothing but his desire to show the existence of real Turkish music.

It is possible to add many more links about our music to the chain of memories from ATATÜRK. However, as we mentioned before, most of these memories consist of scattered memories of relatives who had the honor of being in ATA's presence at all times.

Unfortunately, this great person passed away before he could see the realization of the advanced Turkish music he missed.


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