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Atatürk Wants to Listen to the Anthem

- Doctor, how are you, is there anything new? He asked.

- Yes, sir, I made a march to honor your presence, if you allow me, I will present the lyrics.

“Read it,” he said.

- I read the first verse and came to the third verse of the second verse:

- The light rose with your hand, the glorious crescent

when you say:

- He said no, dear, how is the light with your hand?

I thought at that moment. If the anthem that Vasıf does not want to put in the Turkish Hearth is not liked, wow my unfortunate head, ATATÜRK;

- Look, sir, I said, what I am offering below.

Pointing to his blessed head, I read the lyrics with the full strength of my voice from beginning to end. The applause from the surrounding showed my success.

- If you order, the jazz team can play the composition, I said. And because I had given the jazz team his score before, with a signal, the jazz anthem started playing.

"Here's the anthem, sir," I said.

- Bravo doctor, they praised me.

Now our anthem has become the legitimate anthem of Türkocağı...


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