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Ataturk's Table

"During the continuation of the Istanbul trip, the work program of the Riyaseticumhur music committee showed a different characteristic. Namely, the orchestra played on the upper floor of the Dolmabahçe Palace every evening, and when ATA went to the dining room, the orchestra would go and the task of the fasil group would begin. This task was until ATATÜRK got up from the table and rested. If he went out on a yacht, the chapter set would be together.

Many people, who know that ATATÜRK returns to the palace with a yacht in the morning, or that he stays awake until late in the palace, think that he lives in pleasure and pleasure until the morning. However, they do not know that although ATATÜRK always lived for the country and the nation and often sailed around the islands or in the Bosphorus until the morning of the yacht, he was busy discussing serious matters in the lower cabin and did not even watch the sea and the moonlight, which he loved very much.


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