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Atatürk and Bektashi Fathers

This evening, we were invited to the Çankaya Mansion again for duty.

We arrived at the mansion with a delegation composed of Senturi Zühtü Bardakoğlu, Kemânî Mehmet Rıza, Udî Şevki, Hanende Abdülhalik and myself under the administration of Hafız Yaşar Okur.

ATATÜRK, they have not yet entered the dining hall. Two foreign faces draw attention among the guests in the hall. One is bearded and elegant-looking. The other young man, a little fat and with a mustache. Since there was no mustache and beard fashion in Ankara at that time, it is clear that these two people's moods and especially the tuxedos they wore were part of it. They are talking with ATA's special physician, Ragıp Bey.

We were informed beforehand when wearing a frock coat or a tuxedo at official invitations, and we would dress accordingly. Since the other guests came in their daily clothes, it can be understood from the fact that these two people were strangers.

After a while, we entered the presence of ATATÜRK. When these two persons were presented to ATA, we learned that the bearded one was Ali Nutki grandfather, sheikh of Çamlıca bektashi convent, and Haydar Naki, the sheikh of Kilitbahir, grandfather. It turns out that ATATÜRK's special physician, Ragıp Bey, and the fathers had a friendship. One day, while they were talking with ATATÜRK, the word passed to Bektashism. Since Ragıp Bey knew the fathers, and Ali Nutki was a graduate of Galatasaray Sultanisi (High School) and Hayda was a poet, ATA expressed his desire to get to know them. On this occasion, the fathers were invited to Ankara.

ATATÜRK showed fathers a place close to them at the table. We started the saz, after playing a few pieces, ATATÜRK Ali Nutki addressed his father:

- What are the characteristics of the Bektashi order? they asked. Ali Nutki father:

“It is a society that was established hundreds of years ago, because of bigotry in those times, it was not possible to have a meeting with men and women and to have a meal, and under the name of the sect, Hacı Bektaş established our current society life in those days,” he said.

ATATÜRK addressed Haydar Naki father this time:

- What are the characteristics of this society? he asked.

Heydar Baba:

- The members of the Bektashi sect (members of the sect) come to the lodge on certain days of the week, and in the evening they are with the people around the father. In the corner opposite the father, women sit under the presidency of the oldest and oldest sister (female member) and drink from the table in front of them, in a manner of decency and manners. This realm continues with music, poetry and witty words.

It was understood that these answers did not satisfy ATATÜRK:

- There is a problem of sake, what is it?

- It is the most important part of the Sâki Bektashi tables. Bektashis drink raki from a closed glass, that is, they do not show the amount of raki and everyone is obliged to drink from the same glass. There is a constant connection between the sâki, who handed over this cup, and the father. Those who show some signs of intoxication among souls are given either an empty glass or a glass with little raki on the sign of the father. According to the etiquette of the sect, the soul cannot object to it. The conversation continues with the same joy and sincerity until the morning.


- You talked about music, poetry and wit, please let us listen to a piece of them.

Upon this order, the fathers, we also know: We are the bee, we have the rose - We are the servants of that Mevlân - We have the sentence, religion and faith, they recited the phrasing.

Pasha was pleased and we continued with the session.

We entered the song with the words "O ahûy-i wild ulfet, because of the necessity of running away". We had just read the first line of it, when ATA turned to Ali Nutki Baba:

- They say, with the book Nur Baba, that this song was written to describe your private life, is it true? He asked. Ali Nutki father:

- Sir, Yakup Kadri will be a joke. The life of the poor was very simple among his friends and followers, he said, "I am living a completely quiet life, especially after the dervish lodges are closed."

ATATURK; to one of the men present:

- Invite Mr. Yakup Kadri, let them come, he gave his order.

After half an hour, Yakup Kadri Bey joined the meeting. Ali Nutki was surprised to see his father.

Many songs and ghazals were sung. We were already past midnight. ATATÜRK, Yakup Kadri Bey: The Nurbaba novel you wrote. I think Ali Nutki has affected the father. But they are wrong to be upset. I wish a book written by a great writer like you, if only the subject in my life were considered, I would not be angry about it, on the contrary, I would be proud.

These ATATÜRK and kind words of ATATÜRK left those present grateful and the assembly dispersed in this beautiful weather.


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