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Light Music Movements With Us

Most of the musical movements performed under the name of light music in our country are nothing but bad imitations of the West. The trials are full of intonation errors and are just substandard care.

I would like to make a little explanation here. First of all, it must be said that the modern understanding of art in music, of course, has aspects worth discussing. People need constant changes, developments and innovations in taste and culture as the standard of living rises. Talent is able to give the (tem) taken from the creative source of the people, in an atmosphere suitable for today's development and needs, but with his own self. The cause is, first of all, a matter of national education and morality. Of course, we have to keep up with the polyphonic music world and even electronic music movements. Here, it is necessary to take into account the taste and understanding of human societies as actual values. Any art, which means skill, ingenuity and richness of emotion, gains value if it is created with the talents and tastes, traditions, customs and beliefs and cultures of the people living in that society. There is a close interest in contemporary art issues and modern art movements. But this concern, as I have said, must be developed in self-confidence. Among the sources of innovation, I said that I was thinking about ways to benefit from folklore in going to modern art. Since I am not in favor of using folklore only as a tradition of pleasure and as a fantasy for entertainment, in the face of the prevailing conditions of national feeling in development and innovation, I believed in the fact that benefiting from folk music should be considered as a source and leaven of humanity that will awaken a social consciousness, rather than a tradition of pleasure. Light music is a polyphonic musical movement. If its expression, language and prosody is created with a Turkish feeling, it gains value, otherwise it will remain a harmful trend.

I think what I said will explain whether the light music trend today is promising or not.


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