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Market Music

It's not encouraging at all. It is a world that is not subject to any control, is self-sufficient, ruled by a certain group for the sole purpose of making money.

Market music operates as a stray force that exploits the national cultural and artistic values of the country. Here, an important task of TRT shows itself. It is not being an instrument of the market, closing the doors to this type of music, giving plenty of space to real and quality music and thus breaking the nose of the market. I am one of those who believe that it is necessary to prevent market music movements, which have bad effects on the culture and wisdom, art and morality of the country, with spiritual effects rather than material effects. The mentality that puts an ordinary civil servant to a rigorous test is not at all inadequate, at least by characterizing it as indifference to a movement that harms the culture and art of the country, freeing these stray democracy hoaxes.


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