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Mesut Cemil Bey Tells


"After the victory, I was always with and at the service of ATATÜRK until the last days of his first visit to Istanbul. We traveled together three times. As you can appreciate, it is easy to always be near and in the presence of such a unique personality. People are always in a state of excitement, hesitation and anxiety so that I don't make a mistake or do something wrong. And yet, I've always been complimented. I always had the opportunity to kiss their blessed hands. Strangely, every time I was called, I sometimes went to him reluctantly. I was young. And I would have any imagination. When ATATÜRK ordered him to come, I would get bored. But as soon as I went through the door and met him, a strange light, a strange force, coming from him and filling the air, enveloped me.

All of a sudden I would fall in love again. Unfortunately, because I did not appreciate the memories and impressions I had at that time, I was found empty, otherwise I would take notes the next day of each meeting, I would not lose many details over time. I'll send you one."


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