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Musical Feast to the King of Jordan

"Deceased Jordanian Emir Abdullah Haz. He was ATATÜRK's guest when he first came to Turkey. One day, the late governor of Istanbul, Muhiddin Üstündağ, said that the Emir wanted to listen to Turkish music, and that ATATÜRK ordered us to listen to works suitable for our music. Our main friends, Münir Nurettin Selçuk, our late master Remânî Reşat Erer, Refik Fersan and Fahire Fersan, Vecihe Daryal, Cevdet Kozanoğlu and a few young friends went to Filorya mansion.

Emir Jun. He finished his official visits to return to Jordan and said goodbye to ATATÜRK for a few more days to rest and travel in our country.

One afternoon, while we were sitting down for dinner, we started the music section.

In the first minute, the meaning on the face of the late Emir changed, he let go of the fork from his hand, silenced us with a sign, and told those around him in fluent Turkish:

- Gentlemen, he said, while listening to such music, food is inedible. Let's listen first, then we'll continue with our meal.

As you can imagine, we all became very sensitive to this noble act of the Emir, but we shortened the chapter in order not to interfere with the meal. Tears running down Emir's cheeks towards his gray beard are always in my dreams.


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