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Non-TRT Broadcasts

These transmitting stations, which generally make music broadcasts in parallel with the aims of their own institutions, advertise them knowingly or unknowingly, such as raising artists for the market. Since most of the broadcasts on this subject are made from records or tapes, they also mediate the spread of market music, since they acquire these records and tapes especially from the market. It is of course possible for these studies, which do not act in accordance with the requirements of a disciplined system, research and programming in music broadcasts, to operate under the supervision of TRT, which is the operator of radio and television. Even if these broadcasting stations cannot be prohibited from broadcasting music other than their own broadcasts, this can very well be ensured by a special law. At the very least, it is possible for these radios to keep their programs under control in the music broadcasts they will make outside of their professional activities. If there is a contrary provision in the law, it can be interpreted and preventive measures can be taken.

Note: In the special advisory board of Turkish art and folk music organized by TRT in 1973, Şemseddin Gönenç, TRT's Deputy General Manager at that time, who chaired the meeting, made the following statement against our conversation on this subject.

"Sir, if the permission is granted, one or two points that Mr. Ataman has contacted are included in our organization and duty regulations. In order to make changes, when necessary, to use in our own publications, to sell them in terms of service to music education and culture; Contacting non-corporate organizations and individuals and making suggestions on these matters.


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