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The Scene That Brings Atatürk's Eyes To Tears

Our ATA's second trip to Istanbul was also a necessity. They spread rumors that he was paralyzed, and this unfounded rumor showed a tendency to spread throughout the country. Therefore, although the summer season of 1928 had advanced, we hurried to Istanbul and came to the Dolmabahçe Palace.

On the first evening, there are more than usual guests at the palace. ATATÜRK is still cheerful tonight. We are working incessantly. He reads many works himself:

Let me be such a disaster, my angel
I can't look into your eyes because my eye melts
I will not shed my tears, I am a prostration to your share
I can't look into your eyes because my eye melts

They wanted your song.

As for the chorus, he pointed, we stopped. By repeating the verse, this becomes the refrain of the song:

"I can't look into your eyes because my eye melts"

He said it should be like this:

"I'll look into your eyes, my eye will melt later"

and once he asked us to read it like this, we read it.

We follow the Rumeli coast of the Bosphorus. The yacht is sailing very close to the beach. We came to the front of the Albanian village. A man and a young woman are leaning against the railing of the quay, watching the beauty of the Bosphorus.

Seeing the yacht, the woman let out a cry:

- ATATÜRK... Thank God. Our ATA is right and like a Lion.

The two young lovers are shouting with great excitement and enthusiasm as much as their voices come out.

- Long live ATATÜRK, long live... Let those who make bad rumors about you be speechless...

ATA's eyes filled with tears in the face of this cordial cheer. He took out his handkerchief and started waving it. ATA clearly showed that it was very pleased with this event.

- That's what they call sincere enthusiasm, I would love to get to know these young people.

We crossed the great stream. We are going to Sarıyer. Playing a small boat, the oar approached the yacht. There is Necmettin Molla Bey, a former Kastamonu MP. He is standing and saluting ATATÜRK. The yacht stopped immediately. They took Necmettin Molla to the yacht. He asked Molla ATA to honor his mansion. ATA promised that time has passed and will come another time.

Three days later, one evening, we went to Necmettin Molla's very large and tastefully furnished mansion in Sarıyer.

In the capacity of the host, Necmettin Molla was catering to ATA with all his wealth. ATA sits in the upstairs lounge, near the balcony door. We are sitting on the opposite side of the hall, somewhere in the corner.


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