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Decisions taken in both the Contemporary Turkish Art Music Special Consultation Meeting and the Turkish Music (Art Music and Folk Music) Special Consultation Meeting, in the light of the great ATATÜRK, in parallel with the issues we have been trying to explain from above, Turkish music's reaching an advanced level, in a quality order. It is a forefront in the implementation of systems that will guide the works of polyphonic Turkish music, which will enable the publication of Turkish music.

The implementation of the TRT administration, which needed such a two-way meeting, was not finalized on the grounds that they could not make a commitment to abide by the decisions given, and remained as a memento by only being published in two books.

The great ATATÜRK knew very well and intimately the situation of music, which he described as the most difficult revolution, in our country, and he longed for the creation of an advanced level of Turkish music.

Great ATATÜRK, if this great person had lived, it would have been quite possible for our music to reach the level it deserved, just like the great revolutions he made.

The death of the great ATATÜRK has been a great misfortune for Turkish music as well as for the Turkish nation.


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