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Söğütlü Yacht and Lyrics of a Song

For the first time, we are going on a cruise with the Söğütlü yacht. At the head of this elegant yacht, I watch the beauties of the Bosphorus with great admiration. My great love for the sea did not leave me from the window of our house, I always asked my late mother about this beautiful yacht that was anchored in front of the Dolmabahçe Palace, and from the answers I learned that it was necessary to become a sultan in order to get on this yacht, and I was sad to think that I would never be able to get on this yacht.

While I was contemplating the strange coincidence of luck, reviving my childhood memories, the chief engineer who was lying next to me came. I conveyed my childhood memory to this young sailor with the rank of captain. It turns out that this young officer also had a strange story about it. When he left the school, those with the rank of Admiral were chosen so that the cavalry and chief engineer of this yacht would be a cemile for the sultans. Our young sailor; Aaah, he said, if only I could be a chief engineer on this yacht. His prayer was accepted and he was first the engineer and then the chief engineer, but he was not Admiral. We laughed...

ATATÜRK with his guests at the table prepared at the stern of the yacht. The yacht passes in front of the new village. One of ATA's old friends, Dr. We pass by Rasim Ferit Talay's mansion. The memory of this artist family, who loves and knows our music very much, must have reminded ATA of our music, so he called us to his side. But since the yacht was so small, a few friends were able to find a place near ATA. Me and Mr. Udu Şevki are close to ATA.

ATATÜRK, from the rast authority:

I don't know why you look down on me
Don't look honey, you're burning hearts like this
Where did you go where did you go
Don't look honey, you're burning hearts like this

They ordered me to sing the song with lyrics.

This song is not one of the songs that are often sung in the presence of ATA. anyway, one of the guests will have asked for it?

I read the background and the chorus of the song, but I couldn't remember the melody. Even though I wanted to fend off the job by singing helpless tunes, would this escape ATA's attention?

"Come with me," he said.

I went.

- What is the lyrics of the song? they said.

- I couldn't remember, Pasha, I said.

- Surely you did not drink raki.

And they ordered me to drink three glasses in a row. Those who drink with a dignified glass, especially high-grade raki, know very well. But emer is an order, I drank all three glasses. ATA handed some chickpeas:

- Go to your place and complete the song.

Until I got back to my seat, the friends remembered the lyrics. They whispered in my ear. I was able to complete the song.

Meanwhile, the yacht turned in front of the poplars, and we came to the Beylerbeyi palace. We continue in the hall with the pool on the first floor of this elegant palace.

At one point, a ferry of pleasure came in front of the palace. This condescension group, organized by Istanbul teachers, sings the march in unison in front of the palace.

ATATÜRK and his entourage went out to the balcony. We respond by singing the Black Sea anthem. They stayed on the balcony until the ATA ferry left and waved handkerchiefs.

We return to Dolmabahçe Palace in the morning. The morning chill had set in, and we huddled in a corner and lifted the collar of our jackets. Meanwhile, ATATÜRK came to us:

- Wow, boys, he teased us.

They stood by us like lions...


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